6gallery 3.2 More Desired Features

We have looked through them and choose some that, in our opinion, will make 6gallery more comfortable and powerful for every user. So today the new version - 3.2 of 6gallery is coming into life, and we will tell you about it.


6gallery module is no longer available for download! We have released Joomla Gallery component

Sort feature.

The first feature that we have implemented into 6gallery is Sorting. We choose sorting as a feature that worthily to be adding because the only ways how you can sort images were: upload them in the specific order, sort them manually with drag and dropping.

Both methods were very uncomfortable and you have told this to us. So to make working with images much more easy we have added two ways of image sorting:

  • Alphabetic — This method, that you can find on Images tab, is sorting images by the Alphabetic orders of Image Titles. Note! Not Caption titles!;
  • By date — This method is sorting image by adding date, there you can choose to show Newest images first or Oldest images first.

The second feature that you were waiting impatiently if setting the Category by default. That is mean that now on Category tab you can choose with what category to start uploading your portfolio. Before now you had no ways to change that and every portfolio was loaded with All category, and user began to enjoy your portfolio from all photos. In this version all has changed. Now you have more power in your hands and you can set any category you want as a start-category of your portfolio.

Are you sure you wish to delete this item?

How important this message was for those who have deleted images by mistake. We thought that it is faster not to show it to user, but we read your suggestions and you said that sometimes you have deleted images by mistaken and it had taken time to find them again and add to the portfolio. So from that day we adding this message to 6gallery.

But with the ability to show it or not. Just go to Advanced tab of 6gallery admin panel and you will see the Yes/No green switcher. Select Yes, if you want 6gallery to notice you one more time before deleting, or select No if you want to delete your images in one click.

Style options.

The last feature that you have asked to add is the ability to Customize Category style. Before you have no ways to influence on category displaying, but now we have add all features that will help you to customize our gallery and achieve best displaying of your portfolio. Features that we have added:

  • List Alignment;
  • Default Category Color;
  • Active Category Color;
  • Default Title Color;
  • Active Title Color;

All new features together with features that are responsible for gallery style are located now in the Style options tab. After we have customized options a little let's have a look what we have achieved.

In conclusion, we want to say that other suggestions that you have wrote to us are useful too, bu now we don't see how we can develop and insert into gallery and would they make 6gallery easier or more complicated. All we want is 6gallery become and ideal module for your portfolio presentation.