Limited Support During the Next Week

Dear Friends! During the next week, from March 21 to March 28, the support will be limited!

After hard working for a year without a break we’ve decided to unplug a little bit. We’re going on vacation!

We ask for your patience and reassure you that all questions will be answered!

From March 28, Support will be fully operational and available via all channels (support forum and contact form).

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared for you answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Q. Why PayPal is not available on 2Checkout?
A. You need to change Currency to USD, screen.

Q. I bought the extension but it does not appear on my list of orders!
A. 2checkout needs time to verify your payment. Usually the verification takes few minutes but sometimes it may take up to 24 - 48 hours.


Q. Website "Main Menu" in the Gridbox editor is not visible, I can't configure it, why?!
A. You need to set the module position "Main Menu" for your menu module and assign to all pages.


Q. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted...
A1. You need to increase memory_limit limit in php.ini file, for this you need to contact your hosting provider.
A2. You need to set the Random Grid Layout for the Gallery, screen.


Q. Google ReCAPTCHA does not work, why?!
A. You need to enable Joomla reCAPTCHA plugin:

  • Extenstions » Plugin Manager;
  • Find Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin;
  • Fill in the Public Key and Private Key (;
  • Enable reCAPTCHA in the Forms component, screen.

Additional Info

  • Be sure that you have the latest versions of our extensions! Here is a quick tip how to update: How to update Balbooa Joomla Extensions. On our demo we have 100% the same version as you downloaded;
  • 80% of bugs was fixed by simple updating, from the admin panel;
  • Clear Joomla and Browser cache after update;
  • Visit documentation: Gridbox, Gallery, Forms.
  • We Love You!

p.s. We have prepared for you a lot of new features which will be available soon. Stay with us and build Joomla websites like a Rock Star!