Introducing Tutorials and Guides

Introducing Tutorials and Guides

Today, we are excited to introduce a new section on our site. Tutorials and Guides are a place for educational content. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, everyone will find useful information here that will take your web development skills to the next level. Tutorials and Guides are the key to a thorough understanding of our products.

Introducing Balbooa Tutorials and Guides


Do you remember our Tips and Tricks section? This section became the progenitor of Tutorials and Guides. Moving posts with custom coding tutorials to the newsroom would not be correct.  Deleting them would be a mistake since guides like Smooth Snow Animation and Christmas Lights are bestsellers. So we decided to create a new section — Tutorials and Guides.

Tutorials and Guides

Our products include a huge number of features. By combining them, you can create different types of websites. The mission of Tutorials and Guides is to show you how to use our products and what can be done with our products.

Currently, Tutorials and Guides includes only one topic Coding with tutorials from the previous "Tips and Tricks" section. But this is just the beginning. We plan to consider questions from setting up a workspace in Gridbox to logic fields in Forms. All lessons will be divided into logical categories.

The tutorial page will include only the necessary information, steps with short videos, a main video explanation and nothing more. A new tutorial format with the main video is already available in lessons from the category Coding Basics.


Tutorials and Guides will be a great place for beginners. Tutorials will be organized by categories, allowing you to learn step-by-step all the subtleties and capabilities of our products. We are also sure that professional web developers will find a lot of new things for themselves.

Right now, we are finishing up our documentation. We are updating all screens and steps to match existing functionality. And then, we will start adding lessons to Tutorials and Guides. So, if you don’t want to miss new lessons, subscribe to us on social networks: Facebook, X and YouTube

Oh, one more thing! Christmas is coming, so it's time to decorate your sites with our interaction guides.

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