Introducing The Brand New Balbooa Website

The Brand New

Welcome to the breathtaking world of creation and style! Today, we present to you a completely new incarnation of our virtual space — the long-awaited rebranding of the Balbooa website! Imagine the year of secret experimentation, creative inspiration and intense work that led to this magnificent moment. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of creation, design and functionality created for you with love and passion. Are you ready to be part of this exciting journey?! Let's go!

The Brand New

Let's forget about standard layout changes because there's a whole new world of possibilities in front of you. A new structure, fresh design and innovative sections are only a small part of the changes. The main highlight? The new Balbooa website is based on the powerful Gridbox platform. Every detail and every page is the result of creative inspiration, brought to life through our two core products: Gridbox and Forms. There is no room for compromise, just perfection in every pixel.

New Structure and Design

We are opening a new chapter in the history of This chapter is written in the bright colors of our own making. We have completely redesigned our product presentation, striving to show you every detail and all the benefits of our tools.

New Structure and Design - Balbooa Website

In search of the ideal "golden ratio", we sought to find that balance between aesthetics and efficiency in displaying information on our website. Web design is not just a matter of visual perception. Therefore, we paid special attention to how customers interact with content. For us, design is not just decoration. This is an instrument to make the perception of content as effective and enjoyable as possible.

We've rethought the way we present extensions. No information overload. We have chosen a path that maintains ease and convenience but demonstrates all the possibilities. We believe that less is sometimes more. So, we've focused on the key points that matter. This is not just a strategy to reduce information, it is a demonstration of how much we value your time. 

New Community Forum

Our new forum is our pride. That's because it was created based on Gridbox Content Builder, Comments App, Form Submission.

New Community Forum - Balbooa Website

The ability to create new posts and read replies is available only to customers with an active subscription. This was also implemented using Gridbox Membership

Just think, with Gridbox you can create your own forum. It's amazing, isn't it?!

The old forum is still available but read-only. You can find a link to it in the navigation of the new forum “Archive”.

Showcase Directory

Every day, we see truly interesting and unique sites created with Gridbox. Let's show Gridbox sites to the whole world!

Showcase Directory - Joomla Websites by Gridbox

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new project — Showcase Directory. It's a place where design meets idea exchange, and inspiration becomes contagious. Here we have created a space for sharing sites and finding fresh ideas in the world of web design.

Showcase Directory is more than just a collection of virtual storefronts. It's a community of creative minds where every website is a unique story told by a designer. This place is designed to stimulate your creativity and allow you to share your works with the world. Here you will find ideas that could be the spark for your next project. Join the Showcase Directory, and together let's create an exciting community where design becomes the language that unites us in the world of creativity. Share, get inspired, create!

If the project will be active, we will make a site of the month and a site of the year. We will extend the Bundle Unlimited subscription for 1 year to the lucky person who shows the best site. We are waiting for your sites.

Experts Directory

Quite often, we receive emails asking us to provide various services, from improving performance to setting up a mobile site version.

Joomla Experts Directory

We invite all professional web developers to our new Experts Directory section. Perhaps your next client will be from our website. Join now!

User Accounts

Now you have a new profile on our website, and it was created using native Gridbox user accounts.

The most important thing is that with Gridbox eCommerce and Memberships, you can fully view your order history, renew your subscriptions, and even change your subscription plan. And of course, download invoices.

Checkout and Payment Gateways

This is something absolutely incredible — simply enable payment gateways in Gridbox eCommerce without any difficulty. Just 5 minutes, and you're done! You can’t even imagine the pain we experienced when making any changes to the checkout on the previous site.

We also returned 2Checkout to the existing Monobank, which allows you to make payments using PayPal.

About Us

For the first time, we created an About Us page. Go to the page, and welcome to our world! It's time to get a little closer to each other.

About Us - Balbooa Team

Here you will find the history of our formation, how we started, what we do and why every day is a new challenge and inspiration for us. We want you to get to know us better and feel our passion for what we do.


We've been talking about this for so long. And this day has come. We can't even believe it. We have done a tremendous job moving the site.

Agree, it was a little strange that the developers of the awesome tool for creating Joomla sites do not use it for their site. Now we no longer need to blush as before, when in presales you asked: “Why is your site not powered by Gridbox?”

We are now in the same boat. We will use our products every day. With every new Gridbox and Forms update, we will update them with you. It will only pump them up and improve them. 

If you have any questions about our new site or just want to congratulate us, please use the comment form below. And yes, we have kept Disqus so we don't lose all your wonderful comments throughout our work. 

With love and warmth, Balbooa Team 🤘😎

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