Gridbox Website Contest Finalists Are Announced. Choose a Contest Winner!

Finalists Announced

A few weeks ago we launched the contest for the best website powered by Joomla Website Builder Gridbox. We received a large number of sites and today we are happy to announce a list of 10 finalists. It’s time to choose the winner and decide who will receive Balbooa BRO Bundle.

    Gridbox Website Contest Finalists

    First of all, we want to say a big thank you who took part in the contest! We received so many beautiful and high-quality websites, it was a real challenge for us to choose finalists.

    Finalists websites were selected by 3 key factors:

    • Design
    • Usability
    • Unique ideas

    After many hours of detailed reviews and disputes, we are happy to announce the list of 10 finalists.


      Automobile repair and maintenance services.

      B&M Estilistas

      Style and beauty experts.

      El Quincho

      Hotel in Argentina.

      Endframe Media

      Dubai-based team of professional photographers and videographers.

      M A A T S

      Cloud based property maintenance system.

      Meblove Stylove

      Furniture renovation and renewal.


      Website development agency.

      Schmid Käse

      Cozy shop in Adelboden.

      Aleksandr Shants

      Holiday's Restaurant.

      ZFP Akademie

      Basic Seminar - ZFP Academy.

      It’s Time to Vote!

      The promotion is no longer valid.

      Time to choose the winner! Rules are very simple - the website that gets the most likes will win a BRO Bundle.

      Please note! Voting is open until Wednesday, February 7st. Everyone can take part in the contest and vote for the winner, even your Uncle!

      If your website was submitted and did not make the list, don’t be discouraged!

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