Gridbox Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Gridbox Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary

Today is a special day for our team. Gridbox Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary! The first stable version of Gridbox 1.0.0 was released on
7 October 2015. It's time to take a short break and remember how it was.

How It Was

The idea of developing Gridbox was very simple. I have sought to create a beautiful and intuitive tool that will allow people to create websites easier and faster.

A unique feature of the Gridbox was to combine the Page Builder and Template Framework. It was an absolutely innovative solution as well as a very difficult one. Difficult because Gridbox was at risk of being misunderstood. 'Cause at that time, all page builders worked on the back-end and it was not easy to introduce the new idea of ​​creating an entire site, not just single pages. But even then, the Gridbox was much more than just a Page Builder and that is why it began to confidently win your attention.

Now let's take a look at how Gridbox has evolved over these 5 years, from launch to the present day.

Gridbox Timeline - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Thanks, Balbooa Community

I personally and the entire Balbooa Team would like to say a big thanks to all our customers for seeing the potential of Gridbox and joined the Balbooa Family. Thanks to your feedback, we're still working and improving the Gridbox. Your support has inspired us to walk this way from the launch of Gridbox to the release of the Store App. Much appreciated!

Looking back, I'm incredibly proud of the work done. Those were awesome 5 years of life!

It’s time to celebrate!

Many thanks,