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How to Add Joomla Wrapper Module?

Many people looking for solution, how to display the pages of another website without making "duplicated content". For this aim Joomla created a special type of module. Joomla Wrapper Module is intended for displaying third party material on your website in the iFrame. Follow next Joomla tutorial after reading, but now we will show how to add and customize Joomla Wrapper module on your website:

Step 1. Log into Joomla.

Go to Admin area of your Joomla website.

How to add Joomla Wrapper module. Log in

Step 2. Go to Module Manager.

Click on "Extensions" menu and from drop-down list choose "Module manager".

How to add Joomla Wrapper module. Module Manager

Step 3. Create a New module.

Press "New" button on the Module Manager page and create a new module for our Joomla wrapper.

How to add Joomla Wrapper module. Create new module.

Step 4. Select Joomla Wrapper in your admin panel.

After you pressed "New" button, you will see the list of module types. Find "Wrapper" in this list and press on it to add Joomla wrapper into previous created module position.

How to add Joomla Wrapper module. Wrapper type.

Step 5. Fill in settings fields.

After creating Joomla Wrapper module you have to customize its settings. Fill in:

  • Name;
  • URL;
  • Size;
  • Position;
  • Status;
  • and others...
How to add Joomla Wrapper module. Settings.

Step 6. Save the Joomla Wrapper module.

Press Save and go to the final step.

How to add Joomla Wrapper module. Save.

Step 7. Go to front-end.

After saving on front-end you will see exactly the same information from the URL you have paste in Joomla Wrapper module settings.

How to add Joomla Wrapper module. Front-end.