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Balbooa Joomla Image Gallery

Modern. Powerful. Intuitive

The Gallery is an easy-to-use Joomla gallery component allows you to create
incredible image and video galleries with fantastic
grid layouts and overlay animations.

Joomla Gallery comes with a modern and powerful admin panel. Manage categories and images through Drag & Drop Interface. Simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.

Modern Admin Panel with Drag & Drop Interface - Balbooa Joomla Image Gallery

Joomla Gallery provides full control over source images. Upload, Rename, Move and Download images through Modern and Powerful Media Manager.

New Joomla Media Manager - Balbooa Joomla Image Gallery

Joomla Gallery comes with a 6 types of grid layouts: Tile, Justified, Masonry, Metro, Grid, Square grid layouts. You can set the number of columns and spacing between images.

Joomla Gallery Grid Layouts - Balbooa Joomla Gallery

Organize and present your images more efficiently! Joomla! Gallery allows you to display images into albums.
Explore Gallery albums.

Organize your images in Albums with Balbooa Joomla Image Gallery

Joomla! Gallery allows to structure and organize images by category and provides a simple way to filter gallery images with beautiful animation.

Filter gallery images by category - Balbooa Joomla Image Gallery

Joomla! Gallery comes with different pagination styles. Break up long galleries into pages to make your Joomla! gallery more user-friendly. Explore pagination styles on demo.

Joomla gallery allows to break up big galleries into pages

Boost your Page Performance

The Gallery include performance tools which help to improve your Joomla! website
user experience by making page loading faster.

Enable option of images lazy loading to improve page load times. Images won't be loaded before the user scrolls down to them.

Joomla gallery allows to enable lazy load to improve page speed

Joomla Gallery allows to compress your images by 50-80%. Optimize and compress the weight of your images and the webpage will load faster!

Joomla gallery allows to compress your images

Want to build huge gallery with thousands pictures?! No problem, enable Page Refresh feature to improve page loading time.

Enable Page Refresh feature to improve page loading time

Beautiful and Impressive Image Viewer

Gallery lightbox allows you to create beautifully designed image and video viewer
with description, comments and social sharing.

Joomla Gallery has social sharing icons of the most popular social networks. Allow visitors to share images across the social network.

Share Joomla gallery images across the social network

Joomla Gallery allows to add unique description or even a blog post under image. And of course you can add any HTML content. Open new possibilities with the Gallery component.

Add description into gallery images

Joomla Gallery allows to replace image at the lightbox. It's can be custom HTML code, HTML Iframe or video from most popular video services YouTube and Vimeo.

Gallery support video from YouTube and Vimeo

Joomla Gallery allows you to protect your images with a watermark. Upload your images, set the transparency and choose watermark position.

Protect your images with a watermark

Ready for Smartphones and Tablets

Joomla! Gallery is fully responsive, works perfectly on all mobile devices and supports touch swipe navigation.

Joomla Gallery is fully responsive and supports touch swipe navigation

Find out which Gallery is right for you

Compare the versions of Gallery and choose the package that most closely meets your aims.


Gallery PRO

Grid Layouts

Display thumbnails in a grid layouts



Lazy Load

Improve page load times with Lazy Load




Protect your images by adding a watermark



Likes and Shares

Like and share images




View all features and compare Gallery versions

3rd-Party Integration

Joomla Gallery works perfectly with most popular Joomla extensions.
You can easily add gallery to any Joomla item.

Add Joomla Gallery into Gridbox component Add Joomla Gallery into ZOO component Add Joomla Gallery into Virtuemart component

Don't know where to begin?

If you are just getting started with the Gallery component, take a look at the documentation!

Choose your plan and let's start!