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Background Options

Joomla Page Builder Gridbox allows you to customize background style for the Gridbox theme. At this tutorial we will show you how simple you can change theme background.

Option Description
Full Width The Body will extend the full width of the browser window.
Bg Color Select color for the Body background.
Bg Overlay Select the checkbox to enable background Overlay option.
Overlay Color Select the color and transparency for backround overlay.
Image Background
Upload Image Click the button "Select" to upload Body background image.
Fixed Bg Select the checkbox to enable scroll background.
Video Background
Video ID Enter YouTube video ID.
Mute Select the checkbox to repeat video.
Start, sec. Enter the YouTube video start time, in seconds.
Video Quality Select the quality of the YouTube video: 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p.
Padding Top, px Set the Top padding in pixels;
Padding Right, px Set the Right padding in pixels;
Padding Bottom, px Set the Bottom padding in pixels;
Padding Left, px Set the left padding in pixels;