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Plugin Weather

Gridbox Plugin "Plugin Weather" allows to allows you to easily add beautiful and clean weather info to your Joomla! website.

Available options for Gridbox Plugin "Weather".

Option Description
Countdown Options:
Location Type your location;
Language Select one of the available languages;
Unit Celsius or Fahrenheit;
Forecast Select form 1 to 7 days of weather forecast;
Wind Click on checkbox to enable / disable Wind info
Humidity Click on checkbox to enable / disable Humidity info
Pressure Click on checkbox to enable / disable Pressure info
Sunset / Sunrise Click on checkbox to enable / disable Sunset and Sunrise info
Font Family Click "Select" to set the Font Family;
Color Click on the color picker to select color;
Font Size, px Set the font size in pixels;
Line Height, px Set the line height in pixels;
Style Set the style: Underline, Uppercase, Italic;
Margin Top, px Set the Top margin in pixels;
Margin Bottom, px; Set the Bottom margin in pixels;
Custom CSS:
Class Suffix Enter the custom CSS class;
CSS Editor Click the button "Open Editor" to open CSS editor.

Localization and Translation

We would really appreciate your help in translating Weather Plugin.

How to Translate?

1. Download file with language strings:;
2. Replace English words into your language;
3. Using contact us form send us translated words.