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Plugin Overlay Section

Gridbox Plugin "Overlay Section" allows to dispay hidden section after click on the button. Overlay Section is a very creative and modern way to display your content. Use it to build amazingly beautiful Joomla! websites.

  • Open the "Select plugin" modal window and click on the "Overlay Section" plugin;

  • Move your mouse over the button "Overlay" and click on the edit icon.

Available options for Gridbox Plugin "Overlay Section".

Overlay Section Options:

Option Description
Layout Vertical, Horizontal, Lightbox;
Width / Height, px Set the Width / Height of overlay section in pixels;
Slide Set the direction of appearance. Option available for Vertical and Horizontal layouts;
Close Button Click on the color picker to set the color and transparency of Close button;
Background Overlay Click on the color picker to select color and transparency of background overlay;

Opening button and Section options are the same as for Plugin button and Section. Please follow this documentations:


To set the button icon you need to import Gridbox Plugin "Icon"