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Plugin Lightbox

Gridbox Plugin "Lightbox" allows you to automatically display a pop-up windows. Lightbox is an incredibly powerful tool and is very popular in the marketing strategy. A wide range of options allows you to configure pop-up windows to suit your needs and without a line of code.

At video tutorial we will show you the most basic steps - how to start and add content into lightbox plugin.

Available options for Gridbox Plugin "Lightbox".

Lightbox Options:

Option Description
Layout Lightbox and Notification (Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left);
Close Button Click on the color picker to set the color and transparency of Close button;
Background Overlay* Click on the color picker to select color and transparency of background overlay.
*Feature available only for Lightbox layout;
Width, px Set the Width of the lightbox section in pixels;
Time Delay Display lightbox after a specified time;
Page Scrolling Display lightbox after the user has scrolled a certain percentage down the page;
Bottom of Page Display lightbox after the user has scrolled to the bottom of page;
Exit Intent Display lightbox after the user's cursor will go beyond the page;
Show Once Per Session Display Popup once per browser session using JavaScript Cookies;
Session Duration, Days Session duration in days before it pops up again.

Section options are the same as in the Section. Please follow this documentations: