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Plugin Disqus Comments

Gridbox Plugin "DISQUS Comments" allows you to add the most popular comments system "DISQUS" on your Joomla Website.

  • Open the "Select plugin" modal window and click on the "DISQUS" plugin;

Add DISQUS comments plugin into Page

Custom HTML plugin for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

Available options for Gridbox Plugin "DISQUS".

Option Description
DISQUS Subdomain Paste your DISQUS ID
Margin Top, px Set the Top margin in pixels;
Margin Bottom, px; Set the Bottom margin in pixels.
Custom CSS:
Class Suffix Enter the custom CSS class;
CSS Editor Click the button "Open Editor" to open CSS editor.

Create subdomain:

1. Create a DISQUS account following this URL: - Sign up;
2. Click on the link Add Disqus to your site;

3. Click on the button "Start Using Engage";
4. Choose a name for your Joomla website and select Category;

5. In the next step select Joomla as your platform;

6. Copy the DISQUS subdomain (shortname).

7. Paste DISQUS ID into plugin field Disqus Subdomain.