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Plugin Animated Counters

Gridbox Plugin "Animated Counters" is an effective way to display stats to your visitors.

Available options for Gridbox Plugin "Animated Counters".

Option Description
Countdown Options:
Target Number Set the end number for timer;
Animation Speed Set the animation speed in milliseconds;
Counter Style:
Align Left, Center, Right;
Font Family Click "Select" to set the Font Family;
Color Click on the color picker to select color;
Font Size, px Set the font size in pixels;
Bg Color Click on the color picker to select background color;
Border Color Click on the color picker to select Border color;
Padding Set the vertical and horizontal padding for counter;
Width, px Set the counter width in pixels;
Border Radius,px Set the border radius in pixels;
Margin Top, px Set the Top margin in pixels;
Margin Bottom, px; Set the Bottom margin in pixels;
Custom CSS:
Class Suffix Enter the custom CSS class;
CSS Editor Click the button "Open Editor" to open CSS editor.