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Gridbox Libraries allows you to Export / Import page items from one page into another Gridbox page.

Adding a new Item into Library.

  • Click on the button "Add to Library";

NOTE: Button "Add to Library" is available only for Plugin or Section!

  • At the modal window "Add to Library" type the item name.

Adding Item from Library.

  • Click on the button "Add New Plugin" or "Add Section";

  • At the Open modal window, select tab "Library" and click on the one of the Library item from the list.

Global Items.

The main difference of Item which marked as a Global is a - synchronous changes.

If you change the item options on one page, item (plugin or section with plugins) will be updated on all of the other pages it has been added.

Creating a New Global Item.

The process of creating is similar to adding item into the Library. But, at modal "Add to Library" you need to select Save as a Global Item.


If you delete Global item from the library, from all pages item will be removed automatically!

To all Global items at the library added icon "Star" , which means the Item is Global.