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Import & Export

Gridbox allows to Export your pages and theme settings from one website and Import into another website.


To export Gridbox pages:

  • From the Joomla admin open "Gridbox Pages" page;
  • Select page(s) which you want to export;
  • Click "Export" on the toolbar;
  • Export file "gridbox.xml" will download to your default download location.


Export file contain all data from your page(s) and theme(s) settings.


To import Gridbox pages:

  • From the Joomla admin open "Gridbox Themes" page;
  • Click "Upload Theme" on the toolbar;

  • At the modal "Upload Theme" select "Import" tab;
  • Select "gridbox.xml" file and click to Upload button.


Images should be uploaded to the same folders as on original website.