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Gridbox - is a Joomla page builder extension with simple and intuitive user interface

Create your Joomla website easily

Gridbox is the most advanced live website builder on Joomla! CMS.
It allows you to create beautiful websites for your business
in real time directly from your browser.

Using the Drag & Drop interface you have complete control over the page. All elements on the page is draggable and you can place them as you need.

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Gridbox Joomla page builder comes with a Drag and Drop interface

Gridbox is a 100% frontend Joomla page builder and it allows you to build awesome pages directly on the website frontend. What you see is what you get.

Gridbox allows to build Joomla pages in real time directly from your browser

Have you deleted page item by mistake? Don't panic! Gridbox allows you to "Undo" and "Redo"
any action on the page.

Gridbox Joomla Page Builder allows

Start with Gridbox themes

Gridbox comes with a pre-installed and professionally designed themes.
Choose your favorite theme and in one click import
theme pages and settings.

Intuitive Drag & Drop page builder

Gridbox Joomla page builder comes with a intuitive visual editor
that allows you to create beautiful pages in minutes.
Website creation shouldn't be a headache.

The Gridbox page builder allows you to create beautiful and fully responsive page layouts with ease. Set up
complex page layouts without coding.

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Gridbox Joomla page builder allows you to build flexible page layouts

Gridbox allows you to modify each element of the page at real time. Set a beautiful backgrounds, animations, etc.
You don't even need to know code.

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Gridbox Joomla page builder allows you to customize animations, colors, fonts, headers

Gridbox page builder comes with a wide range of
pre-installed Page Blocks which allows you
to build nice websites in minutes.

Build amazing Joomla pages with page blocks

The Gridbox plugins

Create unique and beautiful content with wide array of plugins.
Everything you need is right in the Gridbox.

Joomla Modules

More Gridbox plugins will be available soon...

Theme customization tools

Gridbox theme tools allows you to customize template style in an easy way,
through front-end with live previews.

Get full access to Google Fonts library. To add new font you need just to enter Font name and style. Then adjust
sizes, colors, capitalization...It's so simple!

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Gridbox Joomla page builder allows to upload any font from Google Fonts library

Gridbox allows to easily transfer your created pages and themes from one website to another website.

Gridbox Joomla page builder allows to export and import themes and pages

Real-time code editor

Gridbox comes with a CSS and JS editors which allows you to edit in real time.
The typed code in the editor immediately appear on the page.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

#header h1 a {

color: #
font-family: Georgia;
font-size: 36px;
left: 50%;
position: absolute;
top: 30%;



Live CSS Editor

Gridbox CSS and JS live editor

What Our Customers Are Saying

Why Customers Choose Gridbox? Latest reviews by real users from the
Joomla Extensions Directory website.

Allows you to be creative without progra... 05 Dec. 2016
Very flexible, responsive, stable and allows you to create original and outstanding web pages. Be creative and results will come.

Antonio Giacopo

Very useful !!! 29 Aug. 2016
Easy to use and capable of great things !

Magdici Emanuel

Highly recommended 08 Jun. 2016
This is the only true WYSIWYG application that I have found for Joomla! You build your pages on the front end, no switching back and forth.


Awesome tool 20 May 2016
Easy as 123, fully functional and very good responsive attitude. Noticeable is that page design takes place in the Front-end in real time..


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3rd-Party Integration

Gridbox works perfectly with our Joomla Forms and Joomla Gallery.
You can easily add gallery or form to Gridbox pages.

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If you are just getting started with the Gridbox, take a look at the documentation!

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