The Air documentation

AIR from Balbooa, is a masterpiece Joomla app template full of creativity & inspiration. Despite the flat design that is loaded with exceptional features & awesome elements, browsing through AIR remains like a never ending smooth transition in an endless harmony that is lighter than air.



The Air is a Joomla! 2.5 - 3.2 template and template / quickstart installation process are similar to installation of any Joomla templates or Joomla! quickstart packages.

NOTE: We recommend to install quickstart package, you will get exactly the same Joomla! website like on demo with already configured Joomla template and Joomla extensions.

Are you new with template installation? View tutorials:

Template admin panel options:

    General Options:

    • upload your logo;
    • select template color skin;
    • enter Google analytics script;

    Header Options:

    • select color for main menu hover effect;
    • upload header image;
    • background video, enter video ID from youtube

    Background Options:

    • select layout: wide or boxed;
    • upload Background image for boxed layout;
    • background cover;
    • background repeat: repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat;
    • select background color;
    • select background pattern;

    Typography options for Body, Menu, Breadcrumb, Links, Footer, Copyright, H1-H6:

    • font family;
    • font weight;
    • font size;
    • line height;
    • font color;

    Social options: enter links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Dribbble, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo

    Footer options:

    • upload background image;
    • select background color;
    • copyrights with editor;
    • copyright hover color.
Admin panel template options

NOTE: For editing pages we highly recommend to turn OFF Tinymce editor in Joomla global configuration.

Home Page: Creative

    1. Logo, to upload you own logo, login to admin area and go to Template admin panel - > General options -> Select your logo

    2. Social icons, login to admin area and go to Template admin panel - > Social options

    3. Slideshow, realized like module "6Slides", module position "Slideshow"

    4. Call to action, realized like custom HTML module "Home page Air: Call to action top", module position "position-1"

    5. Icons, realized like custom HTML module "Home page Air: Icon block", module position "position-3"

    6. Recent projects, realized like module "Recent projects", module position "portfolio"

    7. Our team, realized like custom HTML module "Home page Air: Our team", module position "position-4". Background you able to change from template admin panel - > Background options - > Upload Happy Clients img

    8. Our happy clients, realized like module "Our happy clients", module position "position-5"

    9. Pricing tables, realized like custom HTML module "Home page Air: Price table", module position "position-12"

    10. Tweeter feed, realized like module "Latest tweets", module position "position-7"

    11. About Us, realized like custom HTML module "Home page Air: Footer colum 1", module position "position-13"

    12. Contact info, realized like custom HTML module "Contact info", module position "position-14"

    13. Search, realized like Joomla! search module "Home page Air: Search Footer colum 3", module position "position-15"

    14. Latest articles, realized like Joomla!module "Latest articles", module position "position-15"

The Air Home page

Page elements

Page element it's a powerful tool, with help you to develop or change The Air pages. All pages elements realized like a Joomla! articles. Login to Joomla! admin area -> Content -> Article manager. The Air template include:

  • Accordions and toggle;
  • Air icons;
  • Buttons;
  • Call To Action;
  • Fontawesome icons;
  • Icon combinations;
  • Icon combinations block;
  • Icon combinations vertical;
  • Lists;
  • Pricing Tables;
The Air page elements page

Portfolio: 2-4 columns

Portfolio pages realized with help of filterable 6gallery module, to make changes in portfolio you need: loogin to Joomla admin area -> Module manager -> Portfolio: 2 -4 column, module position: Position-8

Portfolio page

More details about 6gallery module you can view in: 6gallery documentation


Blog realized with help of K2 component, to make changes or/and add new posts you need: loogin to Joomla admin area -> Components -> K2

Blog page

More details about K2 component you can view on official website: K2

Contact Us

Contact us pages realized with help of Send us a message(6contacts) and Contact Us Joomla article!. Loogin to Joomla admin area -> Module manager -> Modules:

  • "Send us a message" module position "position-11"
  • "Contact Us" with help of Joomla! article Contact Us
Contact us page

But we have not only Air template, check our list of Joomla templates and find the best for you.


v.1.0.4 - 15/01/2015

  • Fixed: conflict main menu with video bg

v.1.0.3 - 22/09/2014

  • Updated: Joomla! to latest version, 3.3.3 in Quickstart package
  • Updated: All Balbooa Joomla! extensions to latest versions
  • Updated: Template Options Panel - to Aurum
  • Fixed: Backgrounds for IOS devices
  • Fixed: Small bugs in CSS

v.1.0.2 - 30/07/2014

  • Improved navigation for smartphones and tablets

v.1.0.0 - 7/04/2014

  • Initial release