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Hi, dudes! Today we want to tell you about our logo design concept, so take your seats and enjoy.

The Most successful projects didn’t begin from strategic business plans forming or from business - models creating, but from a huge desire to change the world, to bring something new, to achieve the perfection, and of course from the phrase " Cool, let's try it "


So, we are going to try it…


You are a fool if don’t start with logo identity development. Like every day you get up in the morning, shave yourself, put yourself in order, so to impress your customers you have to develop a superior logo identity so that everyone, who will see your logo will want to know more about your company, your products and finally to eat your logo.




I will skip a long naming discussion period, I can only say, that we have chosen “balbooa”. The main idea was combine the uncombinable - freedom and severe, creativity and conservatism. So the logo creation process starts.


Six creative and young people in one room, looking for something rebellious and severe in style, suddenly one of us stumbled the photo which was exactly what we needed. Imagine a man with a beard , tattoos , generally emitting rock and rebellion , but in an official suit.


Balbooa logo designing process inspiration and ideas


So, we decided to build our logo design concept on two ideas: rebellious and severe and the number “6”, because we are team of six. And we have an aim to connect these ideas together.




First mockups were not perfect, we were thinking, trying and testing different ideas. One idea we have determined exactly, it was black and white logo design concept. The main logo must be black on white background, or white on black background.


But then our logo design process became at an impasse, we couldn't even imagine how we can introduce number “6” into a logo. Variants like “6” at the end of logo, or added labe “6 of team” looking not superior. And then inspiration has come to us, we can transform “6” into “b”! Logo design concept was ready, now we must find superior suitable fonts only.


Balbooa logo designing process mockups


A huge number of fonts were reviewed, we allocated only superior two Arvo Bold and Levenim MT Bold. Number “6” from Arvo Bold is perfect for us, we spun this number as we wanted, tortured it and forced it to turn on 29 degrees so it has become the first letter in our “b” logo. Font style of letters, that are coming after “b”, were taken from second superior font Levenim MT Bold.


Balbooa logo designing process typography




Then we have put in all of the parts of our logo together and got a complete logo design concept.


Balbooa logo


But it is not the end. In order to show you that our logo looks superior in any style and any color scheme, we decided to make one more variant using gradients, shadows...and all attributes of skeuomorphic design.


Balbooa logo orange variant


Live using of our black and white logo you can see on our website, and our orange skeuomorphic variant will be used only for marketing deals.


Our idea finally has come to life and we are glad to introduce it


So, enjoy Balbooa logo.

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